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 Judge Wesley B. Tailor - Division H            

Office Address: Courtroom: Phone: Fax:
Justice Center Tower
185 Central Avenue
Suite T3905
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Courtroom 3E (404) 613-4497 (404) 893-6835

Staff Member: Position Phone Number
Rhonda Brown Judicial Assistant (404) 613-4497
April Wilson    Judicial Case Manager (404) 613-4357
Bill Loeffler Staff Attorney   (404)-613-4560


For assistance with Docketing, please call 404-613-5040.


Upcoming Calendars: Date
Civil Motions Date
Civil Pre-Trial Date
Civil Non Jury Date

For civil case inquiries, please contact Bill Loeffler. For criminal case inquiries,
please contact April Wilson.
1. Scheduling Order
2. Preliminary Case Management Order
Courtroom Technology :
Courtroom 3E is equipped with an Evidence Presentation System (EPS).* To view more information or for a printable brochure, please click on the appropriate document below:
1. EPS Brochure
2. EPS Instructions
3. Touchscreen Monitor
4. ELMO Instruction Manual
5. Gyration Air Mouse Guide
6. Gyration Air Mouse FAQs
If your presentation uses an unsupported format, you may still utilize the EPS,but must bring your own
laptop to play it.




Justice Center Tower, 185 Central Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30303     Directions