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Fulton County State Court

Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB)



The Traffic Violations Bureau processes traffic citations

issued by law enforcement officers around Fulton County.

Citations are processed and made available online within 2-3 weeks of the scheduled court date.


Click here to pay your traffic citation online.


Click here to view our Traffic Fine Citation Schedule.


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With what do you need help?




Need a certified record of a traffic citation?



Mail your request along with

a $2.50 certified check or money order.

Be sure to include the driver’s full name, date of birth, citation number, and the charge for which

the driver was cited.


Send to:


Traffic Violations Bureau

160 Pryor Street SW, Suite J-150

Atlanta, Georgia  30303



Turn-around time is 1-2 weeks.


Paying a citation


Suspended license


Court date


Something else


Contact us



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