Self-Help Center

Staff Phone Numbers
Self-Help Center Main Line 404-613-4116
Yashika Jones, Program Coordinator 404-613-2821
Marvin Wooley, Court Clerk 404-613-2820

Mission Statement:

The Fulton County State and Magistrate Court Self-Help Center is dedicated to serving the public by providing informed access, information, and support services to persons having legal matters in the State and Magistrate Courts of Fulton County.

What Court Staff Can and Can Not Do for You:

Court staff is ready to help you in whatever way they can. Their role is to provide you with information, not legal advice. They have been instructed not to answer questions if they do not know the answer and may refer you to other resources to assist you in getting the information you need.

They can give you information on a court case, unless it is not available by law.
They can give you general information on court rules, procedures and practices.
They can give you court-approved forms (forms might not be available for all legal problems).
They can give you court calendars and information on how to schedule a hearing.
They can not tell you what to say in court.
They can not tell you what a judge might do.
They can not give you advice about whether you should file a case or whether you should take any particular action in a case.
They can not collect a judgment for you.
They can not serve papers for you.
They can not let you talk to the Judge outside of court, or change an order signed by the Judge.


Court staff is allowed to give you information. Court staff can not act as your attorney. If you choose to represent yourself in court, you will have the same responsibilities as an attorney.

Self-Help Center Services
Public Access Terminals
Self-Help Videos
Attorney Consultation—Landlord/Tenant Issues
Legal Forms
Legal Research & Reference Materials
Foreign Language Services
Referral Services
Basic Court Information
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